Our Services

Mini Groom
Blow drying
Ears cleaned and/or plucked
Anal Glands expressed (if requested)
Nails clipped and filed
Paw pads trimmed
A mini trim is just around the eyes, and sanitary area

Full Groom
Everything in a bath sanitary
Designing the best haircut to suit your pet/your preferences/haircut specific to breed

Other Services
De-shedding treatment £10
Flea bath treatment £10
After grooming picture £8
Nails Trim £10
Matted Hair Extra £10



Below 38CM height

Flea bath treatment £10
After groom picture £8
Mini Groom £32
Full Groom £55


Medium 39-50CM height

Flea bath treatment £10
After groom picture £8
Mini Groom £40
Full Groom £65

Gentle, no hurried jobs, pooches will enjoy their time with us !

Teddy Bear Dog Grooming offers a professional dog grooming service – we wash, clip and groom your dog in a warm bath, with blow dry and deodorant to finish.
We are also confident and capable ​of​ professionally handling​ your dog through the grooming process – so they enjoy it and are handled with care throughout the wash and groom process.

Lola had her first groom with Yvonne today. She looks adorable. I cant recommend Yvonne highly enough. I am really grateful for the advice from Yvonne in relation to my dogs sensitive skin. Thank you so much. See you in July xxx

Louise Drewett

Yvonne is the absolute best, very knowledgeable and so gentle with dogs

Barb Fermie

…We love getting the photos and wouldn’t trust anyone else to groom our dog.

Sophie Why

…She was given lots of love and treats throughout to make sure she wasn’t nervous or uncomfortable

Leanne Hardiman