Yvonne Chan – Senior Dog Groomer, Dog Grooming Teacher

Green Cross Vet Clinic Animal Nurse (Hong Kong)

  • Providing specialized care for animal that were admitted in to the clinic
  • Assisting the Veterinarians with patient appointments, grooming and washing the animals in care
  • Administer medication to animals admitted to the clinic
  • Animal post-operative care, reception and admin duties


Dog Grooming Study (United Kingdom)

  • Hand Stripping
  • Grooming
  • Showing
  • Kennel Management
  • First Aid & General Care
  • Dietetics
  • Obedience Training
  • Breeding

Baby Pet Gogogo, Home Dog Grooming Service (Mobile) (Hong Kong)

  • Specialising in Teddy Bear dog grooming and catering for all types of breeds by providing clients with mobile bespoke dog grooming services with a wide range of services and unique styles for pets
  • Professional Show Trimming, Pet Trimming and Cat Trimming, including brushing and cutting the fur, clipping nails, cleaning ears, bathing, drying and finally styling the fur
  • Experienced in handling animals firmly and safely, have the ability to calm and control animals
  • Sell high quality pet by products with a large professional client base in Hong Kong


Wonderzone (Holdings) Ltd Co-founder, Event Organiser & Groomer/Teacher (Hong Kong)

  • Provided special events for dog owners and their pets around Hong Kong, teaching basic grooming techniques
  • Organised the location, transport and promotions of our events with up to 80 – 100 participants
  • 100 members joined our association and participated in various events
  • Worked closely with members to educate them on animal wellbeing


Published “If I were a dog” in Chinese Writer

  • Published my first book based on true stories from clients and their pet’s journey
  • Based on abandon dogs and cats using my many years of experience working with animals.
  • Collected stories from my client and writing animals finding their new homes after being abandoned
  • Aimed to encourage people to adopt and help abandoned animals


Published “Cats and Dog” in Chinese Writer

  • My passion and enthusiasm for working with animals, inspired me to write my second book
  • The book was based on abandon dogs and cats using my many years of experience working with animals
  • Animals that are featured were all rehomed by my Dog Cat Society and followed their journeys
  • Aiming to highlight and raise awareness of the abandoned animals in Hong Kong and encourage people to adopt


Registration of Dog Cat Service Society Founder (Hong Kong)

  • Established an animal Society to enable raising funding and aiding animals in need
  • Organized large groups of volunteers to give much needed help at local animal shelters
  • Organized fund raising events in support of animal rescue centre, donating the money raised
  • Helped rehome over 30 animals and co-ordinated and managed all volunteers and members
  • Promoted and advertised the Society through various channels


H.K.S.K.H. Lady Maclehose Centre Dog Grooming Instructor/Teacher (Hong Kong)

  • Successfully held various successful workshops to teach owners how to groom their dogs, including
  • teaching specified techniques and how to handle animals safely and gently
  • Customised lessons based on owners needs and experience, class size ranged from 6 – 10 people


Sponge Dog Techniques (Taiwan)

  • Trained in unique sponge grooming skills
  • Can practice styles safely on sponges for beginners
  • Can teach techniques that are difficult to practice on live animals
  • Hone skills and techniques


City & Guilds , Level 3 Certificate/Diploma for Dog Grooming Stylists (UK)

Pet First Aid Provider Course Hong Kong Resuscitation Society & American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI)

  • Fully qualified in animal first aid
  • Respond safely and efficiently if clients pets fall ill under my care
  • Experienced in correctly performing resuscitation techniques such as CPR & choking
  • Knowledgeable in animal safety and can advise first time pet owners how to prevent injuries and illness by pet proofing homes