Furminator De-shedding treatment

Since each pet’s coat and rate of hair growth varies, the frequency of de-shedding treatments will also vary. We typically recommend a treatment every 6-8 weeks to maintain the reduced shedding. Some clients like to have their furbabies treated every 4 weeks to prevent the buildup of undercoat in order to stop up to 90% of the shedding problems! The furminator works wonders for most dogs and cats to help eliminate the fur “tumbleweeds” in homes with hardwood, tile or similar flooring. It also benefits many cats as a treatment to reduce hairballs. Having your cat furminated on a regular basis will help reduce shedding, thus reducing the amount of hair your cat ingests. Our de-shedding treatment helps stop shedding where it begins in the undercoat, dramatically reducing the mess and clean up of unwanted pet hair.