The Smoothie Clip

This is our easy care clip. Your pet will be clipped the same length all over. The coat length can range from super short to 20 mm. This can include a stylised head / tail to capture his character.
Dog Clipping Styles – There are three full clipping styles available

Teddy Bear & Stylised Pet Clip

This is the most popular choice, the result being an easy-to-care-for clipped body, with stylised /scissored legs, head and tail that will capture the character of your pet. Even with our pet trims we aim for breed standard, ie Westies have a practical style but still look like the breed.

Breed Specific / Unusual Clip

We can groom to breed standards using a variety of grooming techniques. It is recommended that these pets attend grooming on a regular basis (approx. every 4 weeks) alternating with a bath & tidy groom.